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Entry Requirements

To gain direct admission to Flinders University, students must meet required academic and English proficiency requirements.

  • Academic entry requirements

To gain direct general admission to an undergraduate course at Flinders, students must have successfully completed a recognised secondary education qualification overseas or in Australia.

To enrol as a student at Flinders University in a postgraduate course, students must meet the specified academic entry requirements. 

  • English language entry requirements

International students whose first language is not English will need to meet the English language entry requirements in addition to the course prerequisites.

Students who don’t meet the English language or academic entry requirements can still gain entry to Flinders University through one of the approved pathway providers.


“My favourite thing about studying at Flinders is that engineering gets its own building [at Tonsley]. You run into the same people, you experience the same classes and you create a bond with the people around you. I think that’s really important when you are all struggling together in university. I like living and studying in Adelaide because you get the best of so many different worlds. You can go down to the beach, you can go on a hike and you also get a great education living here. Also, the living cost isn’t high so it makes it very much applicable to anyone.” 

Salindi // Flinders University Engineering student