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Education (Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health) – Progressive level entry

The mental health and wellbeing of our students, clients, colleagues and communities is cause for growing concern. You have the opportunity to influence the future.

If you’re a teacher, educator, leader or other professional in early years, school, community, workplace higher education or training institutions and settings this dynamic course will equip you to take the lead in promoting and sustaining holistic wellbeing and positive mental health interventions tailored to your particular site context and needs.

Quick Facts

Duration: 2 years
Start Date: March, July
Tuition Fee: $33,000
Location: Bedford Park, Australia
CRICOS code: 091857G
Delivery mode: On campus

What you will study

In the Master of Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health in Education you will study core topics and you may select from a range of option topics and minor programs of study to shape the degree according to your needs and interests.

You will have the opportunity to study topics focused on wellbeing and positive mental health, leadership, mindfulness, trauma sensitive practice, cognitive psychology, resilience and therapeutic interventions for children and young people.


“I had a nice relationship with all my lecturers. They were committed to helping you out with everything, especially if you showed that you cared about your work. Uni organised for me to go to Flinders Partners to work on software for innovation management. I was so pleased when they offered me a full-time position.”

Nadine Saadi // Flinders University student


A Master degree from Flinders University is an asset recognised locally, nationally and internationally for anyone seeking and/or furthering a career in educational contexts.

Graduates will be equipped for careers in a wide range of settings, from childcare/children’s centres, kindergarten, primary, secondary and post-secondary/higher education to community centres and non-government agencies.