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Information Technology

If you are a graduate with a previous degree in an area other than information technology but are looking to upgrade and extend your knowledge and skills in this dramatically changing area, the information technology program at Flinders provides the perfect introduction.

These courses capitalise on the demand for professionals as information technology is applied across a continually widening range of applications, from intelligent consumer goods such as mobile phones and cars through to electronic medical records. They address the profession’s growing concern about a looming skills shortage in the area of information technology.

Quick Facts

Duration: 2 years
Start Date: March, July
Tuition Fee: $35,500
Location: Bedford Park, Australia
CRICOS code: 038636F
Delivery mode: On campus

The focus on Flinders University’s strengths in the design, implementation and management of enterprise information technology and the application of information technology to information retrieval, analysis and visualisation characterise this program. The courses integrate with the strong and active research and development program in the College of Science and Engineering, carried out as externally funded research and development.

What you will study

The graduate diploma provides studies in areas such as computer programming, application development, computer networks and operating systems, software engineering, databases and conceptual modelling and standards, and ethics and compliance. The coursework masters provides both core and advanced studies in information technology, with particular emphasis on the techniques required to design, develop and manage an enterprise’s information systems. Topics cover areas such as the fundamentals of computing, software engineering, database and conceptual modelling, and statistical science.


“I had a nice relationship with all my lecturers. They were committed to helping you out with everything, especially if you showed that you cared about your work. Uni organised for me to go to Flinders Partners to work on software for innovation management. I was so pleased when they offered me a full-time position.”

Nadine Saadi // Flinders University student


The course is designed to enable you to contribute professionally to the management of an enterprise’s information technology infrastructure. From theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions, information technology provides you with a solid foundation and the ability to adapt to new and innovative technologies.

Potential employers include:

  • software developer
  • software tester
  • IT project manager
  • systems analyst
  • programmer
  • webmaster
  • researcher and developer
  • networking and communications specialist.

Professional accreditation/recognition

The Master of Information Technology is accredited by the Australian Computer Society at the professional level. Courses accredited at this level by the Australian Computer Society are recognised internationally under the Seoul Accord.