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Health Promotion

The Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to incorporate the principles of public health into specific fields of practice in order to reduce inequalities in health care access and health outcomes.

Quick Facts

Duration: 6 months
Start Date: March
Tuition Fee: $18,800
Location: Bedford Park, Australia
CRICOS code: 073816M
Delivery mode: On campus/ External

In Australia, these principles include:

  • maximising consumer and community participation to enable individuals and communities to be better informed and to be involved in health care decisions
  • encouraging partnerships between health and non-health sectors to ensure full use of resources
  • fostering self-management and self-reliance to increase knowledge, skills and confidence in individuals, groups and communities
  • promoting health and disease prevention to attain and sustain good health and well-being.

What you will study

The program prepares you to analyse theory of the determinants of health and wellbeing, understand models of public health in a range of real-world and workplace problems, appreciate multidisciplinary approaches in health and human services for promoting and improving health, and apply principles of health promotion to clinical or community practice. Topics cover areas such as health promotion in public health, social determinants of health and wellbeing, action on social determinants of health, and primary health care practice in developing countries.


“I had a nice relationship with all my lecturers. They were committed to helping you out with everything, especially if you showed that you cared about your work. Uni organised for me to go to Flinders Partners to work on software for innovation management. I was so pleased when they offered me a full-time position.”

Nadine Saadi // Flinders University student


Public health has become an increasingly significant focus of government plans worldwide, initiating developments at local and national levels within multiple healthcare settings. Graduates are expected to progress into employment in public health policy, management and practice.

Potential occupations include:

  • public health officer
  • nutrition advisor
  • public health senior consultant
  • health promotion planning and evaluation officer
  • health information officer
  • health and safety manager.